Tamil Language Compulsory For All Government Jobs: Tamil Nadu Govt.

Tamil Language Compulsory For All Government Jobs

Tamil Government has passed the bill in the assembly by a voice-voting to make the Tamil language compulsory for all government job applicants in the state.

Now all government job applicants in Tamil Nadu must speak and understand the Tamil language because the state government amended legislation on Friday to make the Tamil language compulsory for recruitment to State government services with retrospective effect, from December 1, 2021.

According to the statement of Objects and Reasons of the Bill to amend The Tamil Nadu Government Servants (Conditions of Service) Act, 2016 said that as per Section 21 of this Act, no person shall be eligible for direct appointment to any service unless he has adequate knowledge of the Tamil language which is the official language of the State.

According to this act if a candidate who qualified for the recruitment but doesn’t have the knowledge of Tamil language must have to pass the second-class language test within two years but if he fails to do so then his recruitment will be canceled and he will be discharged from service.

The government has taken this step to ensure the 100% recruitment of Tamil youth in all State government departments. A compulsory Tamil language paper has been introduced in all competitive examinations for direct recruitment conducted by all recruiting agencies. And the orders were issued accordingly in a Government Order dated 1 December 2021. (GO (Ms) No 133 Human Resources Management (M) Department) to give statutory effect to the executive order, the government has also decided to amend the Act suitably and also to validate any action taken or anything done based on the said order.

Now all the candidates for government jobs in Tamil Nadu must have the knowledge of Tamil language and they should pass the Tamil language test with a minimum of 40% marks.

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