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Difference between CAT And GMAT

CAT VS GMAT Which One is Better?

CAT(Common Admission Test) or GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test) which is better for me? What is the difference between GMAT and CAT? CAT vs GMAT which is better for my career? These are some of the pertinent questions which are being asked by the students.  It put students in Dilemma which course is to choose? Hence, if you are one of them who is indecisive about CAT and GMAT, then read this article.

What is the difference between CAT And GMAT?

If you are a student who wants to do MBA from top MBA institutes in India, then you should go for CAT exam, however, if you have dreamt of pursuing MBA from abroad then you should go for GMAT. Since GMAT is widely accepted in Universities around the world for MBA.

Hence, it is entirely up to you to decide what you want to do. If you want to pursue MBA from Indian MBA institutes, then along with CAT, GMAT score can also be considered to nod admission in the Institute. However, on the other hand, CAT score can never be considered by foreign universities to accept Admission in their institute.

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If you have made your mind that you want to get your MBA degree from the foreign university, then you should go for GMAT. However, while going for GMAT, you should keep in mind this fact that it requires huge money to accomplish your dream.

Thus, analyze your financial condition before sitting for GMAT exam.

Therefore, if you are financial competent and have 30-35 lakh rupees backing you, then it is fair to go for GMAT.

On the other hand, if you are tight on budget and can’t afford sufficient funds, then it is good to go for CAT exam.

Apparently, most of Indian Management Institutes are ranked one of the most prestigious MBA institutes around the world. So after getting an MBA degree from Indian Institute, you can hope a good career.

However, if you come across a situation where you have to choose between IIM and Harvard Institute or other prestigious universities around the world, then go for the latter one. The market value of MBA from foreign universities is more than Indian institutes.

Pursuing MBA from the university like Harvard gives you an edge over other MBA students. The value of MBA from Harvard University is universal. Therefore, if you get an opportunity to pursue MBA from a foreign university, then grab the chance.


CAT exam is taken once in a year, so if you have taken this exam once in a year and did not get success, then you have to wait for a year to reappear.
On the other hand, GMAT can be taken five times in a year, so you get an ample number of opportunity to clear this exam.

The waiting period for GMAT exam is only 31 days whereas, the waiting period of CAT exam is 1 year.

To get the result of CAT exam you have to wait a long period, on the other hand, GMAT test exam is available right after the exam.

The validity of GMAT exam is five year. But the validity of CAT exam is only for a forthcoming year.

You get 2 hrs and 35 minutes in CAT exam. Whereas, the time limit for GMAT exam is 3 hrs and 30 minutes.

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