What is the Full Form of BBA? Eligibility of BBA Course

Full Form of BBA

Curious to know what is the full form of BBA. So BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. BBA is a 3 years degree program that is divided into six semesters. This course is designed in a way to give students information about how companies work and their policies. The purpose of this course is to develop managerial ability in students. After enrolling in this course students can gain business processes, global business issues and understand the role of economics in the world. You can pursue this course if you have completed your class 12.

The main BBA courses are Economics, Business Law and Ethics, Accounting, Human Resource, Marketing, Financial Management, and Business Law.

Once students successfully complete the BBA course, he/she will get a plethora of Job opportunity in HR, Sales, Finance Manager, and Sales Manager Roles.

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