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Technology in classroom

The Pros and Cons of Using Technology in Classroom

With the emergence of Technology in Classroom, it has taken the front seat. The use of technology is omnipresent. You can spot people using technology everywhere around you. The use of technology is prevailing in every facet of society. Society has become quite reliant on technology which has given ensure to talks that whether the use of technology is good for education or not. Hence, let’s break down the benefits of using technology in the education field and the disadvantages of using technology in the education field.

The Use of The Technology Prepares Students For Future Endeavors

As we know that future is being dominated by technology. If students get their hands on technology so it will be better for their future. Moreover, the use of technology adapts students to the changing requirement. And it prepares them for upcoming future challenges.

Visual illustrations

It is being stated that visuals attract students more than plain text. Hence, if students are being taught with visual presentation, they will learn everything quickly.

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Technology will make thing easier

With the use of technology, partying education will become easier. The difficult concept can be easily taught to the students and they can easily grasp things. Several studies have revealed that visual attracts human being more and let them learn quickly. The use of technology enhances the level of concentration among students and credibility among the teachers to teach.

It Promotes the Independent Learning

The use of technology makes students independent to learn and grasp a new concept. Gone are the days when students were totally reliant on teachers to teach them. Now with the use of technology, students can easily learn things. It promotes a sense of independence among the students. They become free to learn new concepts. It gives birth to curiosity among the kids to take in hand new things.

The use of technology enhances the collaborative learning and communication skills in children that will make them stand apart in the crowd. The use of technology teaches students to study in a group and learn new things which were not available previously. Hence, it has become a great plus point of technology.

Cons of Using Technology in Classroom

Online Security

The world of the Internet and technology is full of threats and without proper guidance, students can easily get distracted. Therefore, ample support is required from parents and teachers end to make them learn what is good for them and what is not good for them. In the lack of proper guidance, they will lose in this disguised world of technology.

It could be a distraction for the students

People are skeptical about the use of technology in education. Because they presume that sometimes some students may get distracted from their studies while using technology in the classroom. They can use it for their personal use which can lead to hazardous results.

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