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How VSI Created History in CA Course?

How VSI Created History in CA Course?

The best thing about history is that those who created history, they were from in between us. Once a man asked a person who made history, how you made history when no one has believed in you. The person smiled and replied,

“When no one believes in me, I start to believe in myself”.

The students should follow this line, especially when they are CA students. We all know CA is the toughest course in India and lots of students register themself in CA course after 12th commerce but only a few students clear all the exams, and become chartered accountant from a CA student.

CA students often heard that entry in the CA course is too easy, but exit is too hard. But students need not feel depressed by listening to negative people. With great guides, proper environment, and with the best notes, any student can clear CA course in the first attempt. VSI Jaipur is the only institute which provides all of these things to CA students and turns an average student into a CA topper with the best quality education.

VSI Jaipur

6 Times AIR in the last eight years

VSI Toppers

CA exam is one of the most intricate exams in the world, so for students, it’s not even easy to clear a single exam of CA course. And in the same situations, in the same exams, VSI has given six times all India 1st rank in the last eight years.

VSI JAIPUR is not only an institute for CA course it’s an abode for CA TOPPERS for CA foundation toppers and also for intermediate and final toppers. The institute delivered the best quality of education to students and gave them a path that leads to the town of CA toppers.VSI Jaipur classes are the best CA classes in all over India.

Ever highest marks in history of CA

“History is created when everybody is giving up, and then one person comes, and motivates them and makes them ready to fight with temporary problems”.

CA exams are already not easy exams, and after that, the whole CA course is changed with all new patterns of marks. When every student gets afraid because of the new pattern of exams, VSI is the only institute that helps students to get 1st rank in the first attempt.

Here I will show the list of those students who got 1st rank in CA foundation, intermediate, and in final too.

Name of exams Student name All India Rank in Exams Year of Attempt
CA IntermediateAkshat GoyalAll India 1st RankMay 2019
CA FinalAjay AgarwalAll India 1st RankMay 2019
CA FinalAtul AgarwalAll India 1st RankMay 2018
IPCCGaurav SarwagiAll India 1st RankMay 2017
IPCCTanu GargAll India 1st RankMay 2015
IPCCNikhil KumarAll India 1st RankMay 2012

CA Toppers from VSI

When the students enroll themself for CA course, they know that they are prepared for facing one of the toughest exams in the world. THE entire CA course conducts three levels of exams, first CA foundation, second CA intermediate, and third CA final. CA Foundation is an entrance exam for CA courses, and the rest two exams are harder than each.

After a clear CA foundation, students get motivated, but the history of the rest two exams is enough for giving them a strong reason, that they could say to them that they are on the wrong track.

A lack of proper guidance is the major reason behind every unsuccessful result of CA exams. VSI JAIPUR gives the student proper guidance and the best quality of notes so that every student can be the next CA topper.

In the last eight years, VSI has given CA TOPPERS in all CA exams like CA foundation, CA intermediate, and CA final too.

CA Ever Highest Toppers

CA Foundation Toppers

After 12th students can register themself for CA foundation, CA foundation is the entrance exam of CA course so every student thinks that he or she can easily clear the exams in the first attempt by using the 12th class pattern. But when results come students get 30 to 40% fewer marks.

So if students want to clear CA foundation exams in the first attempt, then they need proper guidance and proper environment for study. VSI JAIPUR provided all these things to every student, and that helps a lot in exams. In 2019 CA foundation results VSI has given 27 all India rank. VSI Jaipur CA Foundation is a hub of CA foundation toppers.

All India Rankers Of CA Foundation

CA IPCC/Intermediate Toppers

Although CA intermediate is a level up exam from CA foundation, if a student gets proper guidance and a scheduled time table for studies, then any student can top CA intermediate. And VSI proved that and set a new record in the history of highest marks in CA intermediate. VSI JAIPUR student Akshat Goyal and Anjali Goyal got all India first rank in CA intermediate 2019, and they score 735 marks out of 800 marks which is a new record of highest marks in CA intermediate. For CA intermediate toppers VSI Jaipur is a castel.

CA Intermediate Rank

CA Final Toppers

CA final, the name is enough for students to get afraid about the paper and the result too. Students reach here by clearing from lots of exams. When they reach CA final they are very conscious of the exam because CA final is the last exam in the list of CA exams.

But if students get proper guidance, best faculties and proper environment for studies, then the student can top CA final exams in the first attempt. VSI is an eyewitness of all CA final toppers from the last eight years.

CA Final Toppers

How VSI Gives Best Results in CA?

Every institute says that he is the best, but in the race of being the best how can a student identify the best institute for CA, because CA is not a normal exam like other exams, so for clearing the CA exams students need the best institute and VSI JAIPUR is the best institute for CA.

Here I will share some reasons which are more than enough making VSI the best institute for CA.

  • VSI provides the best environment for students and for facilities too.
  • VSI is the Exclusive coaching for CA and CS.
  • Break a new record in campus placements.
  • VSI is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified CA & CS coaching institute in Rajasthan.
  • Minimal batch size.
  • VSI conducts Specific batches for Hindi and English medium.
  • VSI provides Specific notes for Hindi and English medium.
  • VSI conducts regular mock test paper series.
  • VSI conducts ancillary problem classes.
  • VSI Jaipur has make history in CA Results

VSI Guidance

VSI JAIPUR is renowned as the best institute for CA course. and our elder always says that if you want to create history, then take tips from those who made it before. VSI is a home for CA toppers from the last eight years, so VSI provided the best guidance to new students who enrolled them in CA courses.


VSI used three steps pattern in their study pattern, and patterns help a lot of students in top CA exams in the first attempt.

Here is the pattern of VSI for CA foundation/IPCC/intermediate/Final

Steps in StudiesVSI JaipurOut of JaipurRole in CA Results
1- Classes Face to face Recorded 10%
2- Mock Test SeriesConducted Conducted 40%
3-Personalized Guidance to StudentsProvided TelephonicallyProvided Telephonically50%

VSI Mock Test Paper

VSI Mock Test Paper

A very famous and old saying is “ practice like you have never won. Perform like you never lose”.

Before exams, students have to practice mock test papers because CA mock test paper is the only thing that can look like an exam paper but not an exam paper. VSI mock test papers are the best mock test paper for CA, VSI JAIPUR mock test paper plays a vital role in main CA exams.

Why to choose VSI mock test papers?

  • Grab extra studies for the main exams.
  • Improve student’s ability to attempt 100% paper.
  • VSI MOCK TEST PAPERS Upgrade students’ ability to give more relevant answers to the main exams.

Personalized Guidance

Director of VSI Shree R.C Sharma keeps believing that every student can be the next CA topper if a student gets proper guidance timely, best notes of the syllabus and the best facilities for the CA course. VSI JAIPUR conducts regular mock test series and on the base of mock test series results. VSI management divided students into a batch of 50 students and gave personalized guidance according to their results.If we are talking about VSI Jaipur Reviews then, once a student get coaching from VSI jaipur, the student always give positive reviews about VSI Jaipur.

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