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Benefits of Computer Science

Benefits of Computer Science Course and What is Salary and Job opportunity After Pursuing Computer Science

Benefits of Computer Science Course

A career in IT or computer engineering field is considered to be one of the highest paying career option in India and abroad. The engineering field is full of opportunities. Not only in India, even in abroad the demand of engineering is on the uprising. Numerous IT companies are hiring talented engineers for their Indian and abroad offices. There are so many Benefits of Computer Science.

Who Can Become An IT Professional or Engineer?

Now the question arises that who can become information technology engineers? A student who has completed B.Tech or BCA degree can become an IT engineer. Students who have not taken mathematics as a subject in their studies can also pursue short duration computer courses to enter in this field.

A student who is willing to become a computer engineer in the future should start early and should have possessed good command over mathematics and science. There are various exams such as JEE and others are being conducted across India to open the door of opportunities for students. Students who want to pursue BE or BTech degree should have taken physics and chemistry in 12th.

Similarly, those students who are willing to do diploma in computer science must have taken science in 12th.

Now a question arises whether computer science is a good career option for you or not? So, the answer is that it entirely depends upon the interest of a person. If you have interest in computers or programming then you should jump in this field. Don’t become part of the rat race, if you have interest only then proceed ahead because Computer Science is difficult course and if you are really serious only then choose it as a career.

 The field of computer science is immensely vast. There are several careers lying within computer science. After successfully clearing this course, you can opt-in various fields such as Networking, Data Mining, Computer Hardware, Software Programming and system engineer and much more.

What Would It Cost Me?

IT courses in India is hugely expensive. Especially, if you are planning to pursue this course from private engineering colleges in India. However, if you choose government engineering colleges to pursue this course, then it may comparatively cost low as most of the government colleges are center or state government-sponsored. Normally, the average fees of engineering colleges in India are between 200000 to 300000. However, the fees of engineering colleges are primarily dependent upon the ranking of college.

Job Opportunities After Computer Engineering

IT sector is a booming sector in India and abroad. There is an immense number of jobs available in this field. Even the importance of this field can be recognized from the fact that every organization is dependent upon this field.

However, to get a job in IT industry, you must have good communication skills along with excellent marks. You should remain up to date with the recent developments in technology. Those job aspirants who have good communication skill with technical knowledge can easily get a good job.

Job opportunities

Salary of Computer Engineers

After successfully clearing the course, students can easily get a job and earn 15000-25000 in the beginning and after attaining 2 years of experience they can earn up to 40000 per month and there is no limit to earning if you have earned some good experience.

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